Congratulations FRESHBROS awarded “Consumers’ Choice International Recognition – Platinum” 

Congratulations FRESHBROS awarded “Consumers’ Choice International Recognition – Platinum” 

FRESHBROS鲜兄弟 】麻坡 NO.1 食品直播平台



FRESHBROS鲜兄弟销售超过700种食品,为了确保提供客户100%新鲜的食材,FRESHBROS鲜兄弟拥有专业团队及高效率系统,并与冷冻运输业者密切合作。自营业以来,FRESHBROS鲜兄弟不断地为麻坡等各地消费者创造了极佳的购物体验,成功累计超过10000名客户,客户回头率高达92%。经过 IAQ 消费者的反馈,荣获消费者评选国际认证——白金奖。


Congratulation FRESHBROS awarded IAQ Consumers ’Choice International Recognition- Platinium.

FRESHBROS was established in December 2019. At that time, live sales of food was still a new field. FRESHBROS encountered many setbacks and doubts at the beginning. However, time has proved their strengt. In 2020, the Internet with the rapid rise of the sales field, FRESHBROS became famous and established several physical stores one after another.

FRESHBROS sells more than 700 kinds of food products. In order to provide customers with 100% fresh ingredients, FRESHBROS has a professional team and high-efficiency system, and works closely with frozen transportation operators. Since its opening, FRESHBROS has continuously created an excellent shopping experience for consumers in Muar and other places. It has successfully accumulated more than 10,000 customers, and the customer return rate is as high as 92%.

After the review from IAQ, and decided to award FRESHBROS with the IAQ Consumers ‘Choice International Recognition – Platinium Award.

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