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Use guidelines: IAQ’s Logo and short name

For all others except IAQ members IAQ Technical committees (ITCs), here are some non-exhaustive guidelines to help you avoid misusing IAQ’s trademarks. (IAQ members and ITCs may use IAQ’s trademarks according to IAQ policies).


Use Restricted to IAQ members and technical committees only

Only IAQ, IAQ members, and IAQ technical committees (ITCs) are allowed to use the IAQ logo and IAQ short name in accordance with IAQ policies.


IAQ’s brand and reputation: Quality, Confidence, and Trust

For standards users, customers, and consumers, IAQ means Quality, Confidence, Trust, Safety, and many others positive values. That is why we and our members care about how IAQ’s trademarks are used and whether unauthorized use of the IAQ trademarks could mislead, create false impressions, or cause confusion. We and our members (located in many countries worldwide) will take appropriate action if we consider the misuse of IAQ’s trademarks put our reputation at risk.


IAQ Logo

  • Don’t modify or change the IAQ logo
  • Dont use a modified or changed IAQ Logo