International 5 Stars Certification

International 5 Star Certification is a system for the certification of superior brands, entrepreneurs, health brands and teams. Via this certification, we effectively provide consumers with a consumer identification mark, and the applicants can also achieve international standards by passing through our assessment criteria, thereby greatly enhancing the applicants’ external image.

I5SC - Brand

International 5 Star Brand Certification

This certification is for witness and recognize the five-star market that provides consumers with value beyond existing products or services and achieves high levels of brand planning, brand management, brand quality, brand loyalty and reputation. Excellent brand, while the brand needs to have a continuous innovation spirit and actively and corporate social responsibility.

I5SC - Entrepreneur

International 5 Star Entrepreneur Certification

This certification is to witness and recognize the contribution of outstanding entrepreneurs with unique insights, integrity and perseverance to the economy, and encourage entrepreneurs to strive for self-improvement. Entrepreneurs should have strong leadership, vision, discipline, adventurism, and the ability to innovate.

I5SC - Healthcare Brand

International 5 Star Healthcare Brand Certification

This certification is for witness and recognize healthy brands that via rigorous health testing and safety management, and is committed to creating a healthy life for human beings, improving the quality of life, providing consumers with health-protected products and services, and being highly loyal and popular with the public.

I5SC - Team

International 5 Star Team Certification

This certification is for witness and commending outstanding teams, with a spirit, organization, discipline, and goals; high quality and high efficiency. At the same time, they can cooperate and work together. The company fosters the cohesiveness of a strong team, inspires everyone’s potential, and works together to contribute to society.