Congratulations Dr. Melissa Ng awarded International 5 Star Entrepreneur Certification.

Congratulations Dr. Melissa Ng awarded International 5 Star Entrepreneur Certification.

亚洲商界才女 Dr. Melissa Ng


Asia’s talented business woman Dr. Melissa Ng

Won International Five-Star Entrepreneur Certification

被誉为亚洲商界才女的 Dr. Melissa Ng Pay Wen, 18 岁白手起家,21 岁事业遭受重挫,凭借永不言败的精神,成功走出低谷攀上高峰,创建了 Zenix Global Trading & Service 等多家公司,旗下业务遍布马来西亚、中国、泰国、港澳等国家地区,带领企业迈向国际舞台,并摘下“亚洲诚信大奖”等殊荣,其辉煌战绩备受国际品质促进会(简称IAQ)认可,因而获颁国际五星企业家认证。

Dr. Melissa Ng Pay Wen, known as an excellence business woman. She started her career from 18 years old, but suffered serious setback at age of 21. However, with the spirit of never give up and able to crawl back from failure, and manage to create Zenix Global Trading & Services. And until today, the company have businesses all around Malaysia, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau and other countries. With her leadership, the company had successfully expanded their business to international and won Asia Honesty Award. Hence, with the brilliant record and success story, she successfully recognizes by IAQ and delivers her the International 5 Star Entrepreneur Certification.


Dr. Melissa 拥有 18 年业务发展经验,她投身代工生产(简称 OEM)行业超过 10 年,成为她的核心主业。此外,她也积极开拓业务、跨界发展,涉足范围十分广泛,涵盖了国际贸易、品牌策划、婚纱摄影、餐饮、医美等领域,打造出庞大的商业王国。她表示,因为勇于面对失误,勇于做别人不敢做的事,才能坐拥今日的成就。

Dr. Melissa has over 18 years of business development experience. She has been involved in OEM industry for more than a decade. Besides, she also actively exploring new business, such as international trading, brand planning, wedding photography, food & beverage, aesthetic business and etc. She mentioned that, have courage to face mistakes, failures and willing to do things that nobody willing to do, are the keys to achieve success.

近年,随着公司步上轨道,Dr. Melissa 从前线退居幕后,栽培子女接手重任,而她将更多的时间投入在公益上,例如成立医疗救助组织 Medicore Ambulance Services,为大众提供 24 小时救护车、紧急医疗、活动医疗备用等服务,该组织在疫情期间缓解了救护车短缺的问题,贡献良多。

In recent years, as the company business development on track, she slowly step down from frontline and cultivates her children. And, she devotes more time to public welfare, such as established Medicore Ambulance Services, to provide 24 hours ambulance services to public, emergency medical care and etc. The organization had alleviated the shortage of ambulances during the pandemic.

同时,Dr. Melissa 也担任了雪州士毛月总商会(Semenyih Selangor Chamber of Commerce)会长职务,她在此除了要感谢国际品质促进会执行主席——拿督斯里巴杜卡陈宥财博士客座教授颁发国际五星企业家认证予她,也要感谢他促成了雪州士毛月总商会成立。未来,她希望能够带动士毛月的经济发展,为公众创造更多商机,并且大力推行社区服务,积极传递正能量,造福社群。

At the same time, Dr. Melissa also served as the chairman of Semenyih Selangor Chamber of Commerce. She would like to express her gratitude to IAQ chairman Dato Sri Paduka Dr. Robin Tan awarded the International 5 Star Entrepreneur Certification, and thanked him for the help of establish Semenyih Selangor Chamber of Commerce. In future, she hopes to develop the economy of Semenyih, helps local create more business opportunities and community services, in order to promote positive energy and benefit the community.  

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