Congratulations DUDU GROCER SDN BHD awarded International 5 Star Brand Certification.

Congratulations DUDU GROCER SDN BHD awarded International 5 Star Brand Certification.



DUDU GROCER SDN BHD 成立于 2021年 9 月,是一家来自马六甲的新兴素食企业,致力于研发生产天然健康的素食产品,经过国际品质促进会(简称IAQ)严格审核,获颁「国际五星品牌」认证。


DUDU GROCER 的使命,就是向社会推广健康素食,由经验丰富的专业厨师研发出「纯手工」素食佳肴,所有产品均采用天然食材,并且不添加防腐剂,而是利用最先进的冷冻技术,保留产品的营养成分和新鲜度。此外,所有产品都经过专业实验室严格测试,确保消费者购买到最高品质及更安全的产品。

至今,DUDU GROCER 已研制推出的产品多达十余种,其中不乏具有鲜明特色的产品,像是拥有马六甲风味的海南G饭粒、鲜香多汁的炭烧猴头菇沙爹等,还有全马人民喜爱的参巴、沙爹花生、海南姜蓉、爆辣辣椒干等国民酱料。

DUDU GROCER 的目标是研发出让素食者、荤食者都喜欢的素食品,让更多人接触素食,感受素食的美好。DUDU GROCER 也将不断积极拓展市场,希望未来能够将本地制造的优质素食产品出口海外,将马来西亚的美食推广至世界各地。

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Established in September 2021, DUDU GROCER SDN BHD is an emerging vegetarian enterprise from Malacca, dedicated to the development and production of natural and healthy vegetarian products. Its excellent product quality has been recognized by the International Association for the Advancement of Quality (referred to IAQ), and was specially awarded the International 5 Star Brand Certification.

With the gradual improvement of national health awareness, vegetarian food is becoming more and more popular, but most of the vegetarian ingredients on the market are processed products with high sugar, high salt and high calories, which may affect health.

DUDU GROCER’s mission is to promote healthy vegetarian food to the society. DUDU GROCER’s experienced professional chefs have developed “handmade” vegetarian dishes. All products are made of natural ingredients and no preservatives are added. They use advanced freezing technology, preserves the nutritional content and freshness of the product. In addition, all products are strictly tested by professional laboratories to ensure that consumers buy the highest quality and safer products.

Up to now, DUDU GROCER has developed and launched more than ten kinds of products, among which there are many distinctive products, such as Hainan Gken rice ball with Malacca flavor, delicious and juicy Charcoal Hericium Mushroom Satay, etc. In addition, they have also launched popular sauces such as sambal, satay peanut sauce, Hainanese ginger dipping sauce, and dry chili paste.

The goal of DUDU GROCER is to develop vegetarian food that both vegetarians and meat eaters like, so that more people can accept vegetarian food and feel the benefits of vegetarian food. DUDU GROCER will also continue to actively expand the market, hoping to export locally made high-quality vegetarian products overseas in the future, and promote Malaysian cuisine to all over the world.

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