Congratulations LBM GROUP SDN BHD awarded International 5 Star Brand Certification.

Congratulations LBM GROUP SDN BHD awarded International 5 Star Brand Certification.


LBM GROUP 荣获IAQ国际五星品牌认证

LBM GROUP SDN BHD 是来自马来西亚柔佛州的餐饮企业,成立于 2018 年,旗下拥有板面品牌「老板面」。因研发推出独家风味的即食包装全蛋板面,在网络平台上迅速崛起成为「网红板面」,其杰出的表现获得了国际品质促进会(IAQ)的认可,获颁 IAQ 国际五星品牌认证。



LBM GROUP 在 2021 年 7 月 15 日展开线上营销,正式推出自家包装板面,凭借优秀的品质,在市场上获得了极大的回响,成功在短短 4 个月内创下高达 250,000 份的惊人销量!与此同时,LBM GROUP 也建立了线上代理销售平台,创造更多就业机会,让更多同频率的优异者也能通过代理「老板面」获取收益,从而实现商家与商家之间的双赢局面。

展望未来,LBM GROUP 立志要通过专业及创新的理念,颠覆人们对传统板面的刻板印象。他们将持续专注打造品牌,研发更多元化的新产品,希望有朝一日「老板面」都会出现在每户人家的橱柜里。


LBM GROUP SDN BHD established since 2018, it is a catering company from Johor, Malaysia. The company develops their own flagship brand name “LAO BAN MIAN”. Due to the development and launch of the exclusive flavored instant handmade Pan Mee, it quickly emerged as a well-known noodle on the Internet platform. Its outstanding performance has been recognized by the International Association for the Advancement of Quality (referred to IAQ), and was specially awarded the international 5 Star Brand Certification.

“LAO BAN MIAN” was originally a noodle shop established by a family. As the epidemic has changed people’s lifestyles, “LAO BAN MIAN” upholds the purpose of satisfying the needs of most diners, and meticulously developed a unique instant handmade Pan Mee with flavor of Johor Bahru, so that people can taste delicious noodles at home during epidemic prevention. The “LAO BAN MIAN” instant handmade Pan Mee is made of fresh materials, and the production is updated once a week to ensure that consumers can get the freshest products. In addition, “LAO BAN MIAN” also insists on not adding preservatives and colorings, so that consumers can eat healthy and at ease.

LBM GROUP launched online marketing on July 15, 2021. And officially launched its own packaging product. With its excellent quality, it has received a great response in the market, and successfully achieved a sales volume of up to 250,000 copies in just 4 months! At the same time, LBM GROUP has also established an online agency sales platform to create more job opportunities, so that more excellent people can also obtain income through the “LAO BAN MIAN”, thereby achieving a win-win situation between merchants and merchants.

In the future, LBM GROUP is determined to subvert people’s stereotypes of traditional boards through professional and innovative concepts. They will continue to focus on brand building and develop more different new products, hoping that one day “LAO BAN MIAN” products will appear in the cupboards of every household.

For more information, please visit the LAO BAN MIAN fan page:老板面-102973851245993

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