Congratulations Satur Bake Enterprise awarded International Five star Brand Certification.

Congratulations Satur Bake Enterprise awarded International Five star Brand Certification.

SATUR BAKE 打造独特风味烘培品牌

荣获 IAQ 国际五星品牌认证

SATUR BAKE ENTERPRISE 成立于 2019 年 3 月,凭借独特的口味和风格,收获消费者的良好口碑,同时经过了国际品质促进会(IAQ)的严格审核,于 2021 年 12 月 2 日由国际品质促进会执行主席拿督斯里巴杜卡陈宥财博士客座教授,亲自颁发 IAQ 国际五星品牌认证予SATUR BAKE 创办人——SATURDAY。

SATURDAY 的烘培之旅起源于中学时代,通过自修、报读烹饪学院、在蛋糕店实习等不同方式,逐步提升自己的烘培技术,2019 年在新山创立了个人烘培工作坊,提供水果及特殊口味塔、各种造型设计蛋糕、甜品等定制服务,包含季节性商品。SATUR BAKE 的宗旨是坚持与众不同的口味,塑造个性化的品牌形象,其中人气商品手工塔(tart)采用独家研发制作的塔皮,拥有全马最多口味的水果塔和独家特殊口味塔,像是提拉米苏塔、黑糖水晶珍珠奶茶塔、6 吋/9 吋巨无霸塔等。

展望未来,SATUR BAKE 将延续其使命,继续研发更多样化的烘培产品,让消费者享有品尝美食的愉悦感。此外,SATUR BAKE 将努力拓展规模,开设分行和甜品店,使更多的甜点爱好者能够品尝到 SATUR BAKE 的美食。

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Congratulations SATUR BAKE ENTERPRISE awarded International 5 Star Brand Certification.

SATUR BAKE ENTERPRISE was established in March 2019. With its unique taste and style, it has gained a good reputation from consumers. Its excellent product quality and love by customers have been recognized by the International Association for the Advancement of (referred to IAQ), and was specially awarded the international 5 Star Brand Certification. And this certificate was granted by the IAQ Executive Chairman Prof. Dato’ Sri Paduka Dr. Robin Tan, awarded to the founder of SATUR BAKE ENTERPRISE – Ms. SATURDAY on December 2, 2021.

Her baking journey started during secondary school. She gradually improved her baking skills through self-study, enrolling in culinary school, and internship in a cake shop. In year 2019, she established a baking workshop in Johor Bahru, provide customized cake services such as fruit and special flavor tarts, various design cakes, desserts, etc., including seasonal products.

The purpose of SATUR BAKE is to insist on distinctive tastes and to create a personalized brand image. Among them, the popular product tart adopts exclusive research and development and production of tart shell, also has the most flavored fruit tarts in Malaysia and exclusive special flavor tarts, like Tiramisu tart, Brown Sugar Crystal Pearl Milk Tea tart, 6-inch / 9-inch Giant tart, etc.

In the future, SATUR BAKE will continue its mission, which is to continue to develop more diversified bakery products, so that consumers can enjoy the pleasure of tasting food. In addition, SATUR BAKE will strive to expand its scale, such as opening branches and cafe, so that more dessert lovers can taste SATUR BAKE’s cuisine.

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