Congratulations STRIVED awarded “Consumers’ Choice International Recognition – Platinum”

Congratulations STRIVED awarded “Consumers’ Choice International Recognition – Platinum”




Congratulations STRIVED awarded “Consumers’ Choice International Recognition – Platinum”

The Consumers’ Choice International Recognition (CCIR) in association with HWT Group, is proud to announced that STRIVED has been selected the 2021 Consumers’ Choice International Recognition – Platinum Status by consumer’s approval.

STRIVED was founded by 3 experience young entrepreneur in year 2019, mainly provides one stop special gift customization services, giving customers the most fashionable, convenient solutions, so that can help customers to deliver the message to the one they want by craving down their messages. STRIVED had sold more than 8000 set of gifts within 7 months, and the same time, the company expanded their business to different countries, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, China and Taiwan. So far, the company has accumulated more than thousands positive reviews from customer. 

Since its establishment, STRIVED adheres to sell their product with reasonable price. At the same time, it continues to add more variety for customers, such as signature pen, pen holders, card holders and etc. And also launched the [perfume candle], made of natural soy bean wax and essential oil, and it can be engraving with name. The company has a professional design and production team, each gift is made with very fine workmanship, and matched with exquisite packaging, it brings people a noble experience. All gifts are carefully checked before they are shipped. The efficiency of the service process allows each customer to receive the gift at the specified time.

In order to improve the shopping experience of consumers, the company is currently establishing an official website, so that customers can directly customize gifts online and then generate orders. In future, STRIVED will continue to be customer-oriented, focus on providing good services, and be committed to solving all the troubles of gift-giving for customers, so that everyone can easily have exclusive high-end gifts.

恭喜STRIVED经过两周的消费者投选后,凭其卓越的服务备受国际IAQ品质促进会高度认可,成功荣获“Consumers’ Choice International Recognition – Platinum Status 消费者评选国际认证 – 白金奖”!可喜可贺

STRIVED 是由 3 位经验丰富的精英于2019年创立,主要提供一站式的专礼品定制服务,给予顾客最时尚、便捷,尊贵的解决方案,让顾客能把想告诉 “他/她” 的话100%雕刻下来,将最有价值的礼品送到心意的人手中。公司曾在7个月内出售8000套礼品,同时也将业务扩展至海外地区,如:新加坡、香港、澳大利亚、中国和台湾,目前为止更累计了超过1000条海内外顾客的正面评价,深受消费者推崇。



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