Congratulations ViMiEE Glanz awarded The Product Quality Management Certification

Congratulations ViMiEE Glanz awarded The Product Quality Management Certification

ViMiEE Glanz无针轻医美品牌


马来西亚正规无针微整技术培训学院Pure E BeautySkin,独家代理经卫生部认证的ViMiEE Glanz无针微整轻医美产品。ViMiEE Glanz源自韩国配方,以干细胞营养素取代传统的肉毒杆菌(botox)和填充物(filler),使整形效果更加自然。其凭着卓越创新、安全有效的品质深受顾客好评,经过国际品质促进会(简称IAQ)严格审核,特颁发「国际五星产品品质管理」认证!由国际品质促进会评审委员会秘书长Joseph Liau亲自颁发认证奖状予Pure E BeautySkin创办人Lamlam Thong(Thong Yee Ling)。

ViMiEE Glanz干细胞有4大功效:代谢坏死细胞、激活休眠细胞、修复受损细胞、再生健康细胞。比起传统的肉毒杆菌和填充物,其整形效果明显更加自然。

ViMiEE Glanz无针微整几乎涵盖大部分传统微整脸部项目,比如祛皱、脸部溶脂、三线提升、瘦咬肌、收缩毛孔、消除法令纹、修复凹凸坑疤、丰额头、苹果肌、性感嘟嘟唇等。不过,相对传统微整形,无针微整更为安全、有效和先进,其通过「定点,定量,定层」的微渗透技术,利用雾化仪器产生的压力,在不通过人体的血液及在不伤害皮肤组织的情况下,将营养素从毛孔瞬间渗透到中胚层,迅速让细胞分裂繁殖,产生大量胶原蛋白和修复断裂的网状纤维细胞,让客户能够在【 无针、无痛、无麻醉 】的情况下,达到整形的效果。

ViMiEE Glanz needle-free aesthetic brand

Won the Certification of International Five-Star Product Quality Management

Pure E Beauty Skin, the needle-free aesthetic skill training institute in Malaysia, is the sole agent of ViMiEE Glanz needle-free aesthetic products which certified by the Ministry of Health. ViMiEE Glanz is derived from a Korean formula that replaces traditional Botox and filler with Stem Cell filler to make the plastic surgery more natural, which has been supported by numerous customers.

Through strict review of the International Association for Quality (IAQ), ViMiEE Glanz has been highly recognized by the IAQ judges committees for its excellent, innovative, safe and effective quality, and  awarded the Certification of International Five-Star Product Quality Management! The Secretary General of the Evaluation Committee of the IAQ, Mr. Joseph Liau granted the certificate to the founder of Pure E Beauty Skin, Ms. Lamlam Thong (Thong Yee Ling).

ViMiEE Glanz stem cells filler have four major functions: metabolize necrotic cells, activate dormant cells, repair damaged cells, and regenerate healthy cells. Compared with traditional Botox and fillers, the plastic effect is obviously more natural.

ViMiEE Glanz needle-free aesthetic almost covers most of the traditional aesthetic items, such as wrinkle removal, baby fat reduction, facial three line lifting, masseter muscle reduction, shrink pores, eliminate nasolabial folds, repair of bumps, forehead enhancement, apple muscle lifting, sexy lips reshaping and so on. 

Compared with the traditional aesthetic, the needle-free aesthetic is safer, more effective and advanced. It adopts the micro-penetration technology of “fixed point, quantitative, fixed layer”, and using the pressure generated by the atomization device, nutrients are instantly penetrated from the pores to the mesoderm, rapidly allowing cells to divide and multiply, produce a large amount of collagen and repair broken reticular fiber cells, without damaging the skin tissue. Customers can also enjoy plastic surgery services without needles, pain and anesthesia.

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